Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Un + Art = Sale!

I'm very excited to have gotten an email yesterday from someone who saw my artwork at the Artspace exhibit in Hartford, CT. My art was on display there from Jan 11 - last Saturday. And on the last day, someone happened to notice my little birch grove scenes hanging on the wall. I am so excited. Its always great to get my art validated with a sale. It especially helps because the sale comes at a relatively difficult time where I have been searching for months for work. So a little extra cash from a collage helps alot! I hope that I have just as much luck in a couple weeks when I hang my work at Mt. Tom's Ice Cream in East Hampton!

On the web side of things, I haven't had any sale on etsy in a while. but I've been enjoying the community end of their site. I have been participating in the forums and reading as much as I can about the site and alot of the various features it has, and participating in chats, creating treasuries, etc. Its fun. I've also joined two street teams (groups of likeminded etsy artists that work together to promote their art/craft). I am a new member of VAST (Visual Art Street Team) and the New England Street Team. I'm especially excited about getting a chance to connect more with artists from my area.

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sheasy said...

Congrats on the street teams. I've been thinking of joining one of those, but for some reason am hesitant. Sounds like fun!