Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pretzels and Paper

I have been working on a few new collages. I was hoping to get a piece done for a juried group show at the Post Road Art Center in Hudson, but just didn't get it done in time for the deadline. Thats ok though, because since I'm working on a new floral, I'll be able to submit it to one of the other shows they have coming up and I'll have a bit more time to get it just right.

I have also been having some serious hankerings for Philly style pretzels. We lived in Philadelphia for 2 years. I loved being to get those big soft warm pretzels everywhere. That and water ice. Rita's Water Ice has been expanding further north (they were right down the street from us last year in Bristol CT!), but there just aren't any good places to get pretzels in New England. So today I made some! They are a bit complicated, but oh so worth it. My husband loved them - he is already requesting that "next time" I try stuffing them with cheese ("like the Wawa pretzels!"). I can't wait to try them again!


maryhanks said...

Awesome!! I'd love to try that recipe if you care to share!

saranoh77 said...

Sure! I used a recipe from Just do a search for "Mall Pretzels" thats the one I used!