Thursday, February 7, 2008


I posted a new old painting in my etsy shop today. I actually painted this last summer. I did a whole series of simple colorful 6x6 paintings to give me a break from chigirie. It was a good break that helped me get over a block. I'm of course back to ripping up paper, but I also have a canvas or two around that I play with when I am feeling bored or blocked.

I'll be posting the rest of these over the next few days, but today I'm working on moving my studio space into the basement. Its not an ideal location, but right now I'm crammed in 1/2 of a 9x11 room that I share with all of our office equipment and it is not enough room for me to work on multiple projects. I've decided to move my collage/painting into a portion of the basement along with all of my supplies. Upstairs I will keep my sewing machine and fabric. I'll post some photos when I'm done!


Nicole Solo said...

very cool - I love paintings where the color gives you all the feeling

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