Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweet Opening

I had my opening tonight at Mt. Tom's Ice Cream Shop in Easthampton, MA. It was snowy and cold, so I don't think alot of people came out for the event. But I'm hopeful that there will be some interest this week as people shop for sweets for the sweetie. The shop itself was a very cute old fashioned ice cream and candy shop. They had jars of just about every candy you could think of and a nice case of handmade chocolates (yum) as well homemade ice cream (yum) and coffee at the counter. The reception included free samples of the chocolate and coffee.

John and I setup the artwork at 4:00 and then walked around to do a little "pre-event" viewing. The gallery right next to the Ice Cream shop was cool. But we didn't find the Eastworks building which has a gallery that I want to check out because of course I didn't think to print out the map or remember the street address.We ate dinner a few shops over from the Ice Cream shop at a little place called the Pirates Den. They had a busker strumming his guitar and playing folk songs. We were the only customers in the restaurant at the time. Its always a little awkward being the only audience members to a performance, but it was nice to hear some live tunes. The food was delicious. John had clam chowder in a bread bowl. All from scratch and very tasty. I had a fried fish sandwich with the best sweet potato fries.

We then wandered back to the ice cream parlor and sipped on some of the coffee while we waited for our food to settle down. Had to make room for that ice cream sundae! I highly recommend the Bailey's ice cream with Hot Fudge. Though I was tempted to get one of these ice cream sandwiches pictured on their website : We sat and talked about the fate of Worcester and what role an art scene has in making or breaking a city's revitalization. I hope that Worcester is successful and that we are still in the area to see all the changes that are underway.

There were a few people that came in to peer at the art while I was there. I was happy to share a little bit about my technique with them. We had to leave the show early because the snow was not subsiding and John didn't want to get home too late since Sunday is a workday for him . It was a good thing we left when we did because by the time we got to Charlton, the snow was sticking to the roads and the windshield wipers and the traffice slowed to 35mph. It was a little rough but could have been much worse if we waited any longer.

I hope I hear from some folks that were able to see my artwork. I left cards with my email and etsy shop address and the owner said he'd hand them out to anyone who was interested. I hope to sell at least sell some reproductions or notecards online. Time will tell! My work will be on display until just before the next artwalk in March. Stop by and see for yourself: Mt. Tom's Ice Cream, 34 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA.

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