Sunday, January 27, 2008

Catch 22

I'm experiencing a Catch-22 with my job search right now. I want to get a job, but its been a very difficult experience with the experience and education I have. I want to go back to school and get education, but I need to get a job so we can afford the tuition. Today's paper, or rather (which lists our paper's listing plus some others) seemed rather promising. There are a number of jobs for me to apply to. Better than last week when there were 2. Hopefully some of them will actually call me back this time.

Last night we had a delicious dinner. I made fish tacos. We had some tilapia fillets, which I marinated in a chimichurri sauce. I also fried up some onions and peppers. The night before, John made catfish with delicious spinach and this rice, bean and tomato mixture. We had the leftovers with our tacos. It was yummy. John thinks its weird that I'm taking so many pictures of our dinner, but sometimes the food just ends up looking so beautiful. The picture above is of our tacos, before they were assembled. We serve all the toppings piled on these beautiful rectangular japanese dishes, which makes for a great presentation. Below is a picture of the best turkey burger ever. John made those on the charcoal grill last week.

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