Saturday, January 26, 2008

Caffeine Withdrawal

Ok so the elusive sewing projects haven't made it to etsy yet. I lost part of my sewing machine... you know, that stick thing you put your thread on when you are winding your bobbin. Yeh, I know, that was wonderful technical terminology I used there, but hey I haven't had coffee this morning, so the words aren't flowing yet. I do have a picture though. New earrings for the shop. Will be listing them after I get my treasury fix.

Today's treasury is going to be "Stationery Bike". I'll post the link here when I set it up. I love the postersketch feature on Etsy because I can now start playing around with my treasury setup as I'm browsing for items. I wish that I could have a few of them open though, so I could decide between several themes. Oh well.

I do have other good news too. I'm going to have a solo exhibit in the Easthampton Artwalk on February 9th! I've been asked to show my work at Mt. Tom's Ice Cream Shop. They even do a little opening with coffee and chocolate (my kind of opening!) on the night of the Artwalk. I'm going to try and make a couple new pieces for this show.

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