Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Sales on Etsy!!

I am very excited to have had my first two sales on Etsy after being on the site for only a week. My first sale was for a pack of my notecards (yay!). The other sale was for a charity bracelet to help raise money for the MS Society. I am planning on making about a dozen more of the bracelets to put on my etsy shop. I would love to be able to continue to donate money through the sale of bracelets! I also hope that I continue to sell the prints and notecard i had printed up for the Holiday Arts Happening. Unfortunately it didn't happen, at least not that much for me - so I have a ton of printed things left along with a big bill from the printers.

As for my other crafts, my mother and I will be meeting, hopefully next week to (among other things) discuss some cool remade craft ideas that we've come across. I guess we are going to truly have an eco friendly christmas this year, as we have lots of ornament ideas! I plan on trying out some woven paper ornaments based on Martha Stewart's Recycled Globe How-to. I'm going to alter them a bit so the are more complex and hopefully more sturdy. I am going to show my mom how to make recycled cardboard snowflakes similar to the ones on HGTV's website too. And she has a few recycled crafts up her sleeve. I think they will be very popular for this coming Christmas season.

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Kallia said...

Congratulations on your first etsy sales! The bracelet is lovely!