Friday, January 4, 2008

Lets Get Things Started!

Welcome to 2008! I've made many resolutions this year. Some are typical lose weight, eat healthy, excercise more kinda promises. Others are a little more unique.. like starting this blog to help me become more focused and disciplined with my creativity. Another other is to use my craftiness for good. And this year, I have decided that I try to use more recycled materials in my crafts, make MS awareness charity bracelets more often, and continue making fancy sets of prayerbeads for

Ever since I made my first craft as a tot, I've been in love with making and sharing arts and crafts. In fact proudly displayed on my christmas tree is one of the first crafts that i distinctly remember making..when I was three. Its a white pom pom catapillar with one googly eye, and orange stripe and a green scarf (to keep warm of course, because it was winter).

I've never really been disciplined in working on crafts, though, and tend to do them whenever the mood strikes, or for days on end before a show (which is when the majority of my work is completed). And because of this, I don't feel like I've expanded my skills or knowledge as much as I would like.

So this year, on this blog, I will be combining some of my resolutions. This blog will be the weekly round up of what projects i have worked on for the week. It will probably also have some info about what I'm doing to improve my health. And hopefully keep me creative and keep me crafting.

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