Friday, January 4, 2008

A birthday gift

Ok so my first craft posted on here is not eco-friendly....

I decided to make a rosary for my mother for her birthday. Being that her birthday is right after Christmas, I wasn't able to get the shipment of supplies in time. Luckily my mom is pretty understanding and accepted an IOU. Once the beads came, I was able to get it completed rather quickly and will give it to her this weekend. I made the rosary out of Swarvoski crystals and silver wire. I used silver bead caps for the Our Father beads, and found a very pretty center medallion and crucifix as well. Because I was almost out of my thicker silver wire, I used 26 gauge for this and had to do wrapped loops. I think it looks pretty fantastic though and I'm sure she'll love it, as it looks similar to the $250 rosaries she was eying at the religious supply shop.

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