Saturday, January 5, 2008

Paper, Paper, Paper

This coming week I will be focusing on making paper beads and other goodies out of recycled paper. I've found some good ideas and instructions online.

Today I am entering an art show in Hartford CT called [Un]Art. It is a nonjuried free for all at the Artspace gallery. They are expecting over 70 artists. I hope its not too crazy when we go this afternoon. I wanted to enter a show in Southbridge but alas, my best photos of the artwork to be submitted is on my computer, which is currently in CT being fixed (hopefully) by my brother.

I opened my etsy shop for my artwork today. I added the giclee prints I had made up for the Holiday Arts Happening. I only sold 2 prints (one was to my mom - hah) at the show, so I have to try to get some $$ for what's left. I plan on opening another etsy shop focused solely on recycled crafts once i get moving with my projects...

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