Sunday, March 30, 2008

Show 4 A Show

I have a piece hanging in Torrington, CT this month. It is my second time entering the Artwell Gallery's Show 4 a Show exhibit. I went yesterday to their opening reception with my parents, my husband and our nephew (who has been going to gallery openings since he was a tiny baby in a stroller and is quite the art critic at age three).

This year, Artwell has acquired a new gallery space 2 doors down from their original location. This has added tremendously to their gallery space and has allowed them to hang the artwork in a much better arrangement. Last year it was literally floor to ceiling, every inch of the place was covered in art- it was kinda cool but overwhelming at times to take it all in.

The point of the Show 4 a Show exhibit is to create a setting where gallery reps can come in and see artwork from a variety of artists. Last year about 50 galleries from CT, MA and NY selected artists to participate in upcoming shows at their location. I'm hoping that this year I might get noticed, sell my artwork or get invited to participate in another show.

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1337 Art said...

Congratulations! I hope this show does wonders for you also--you do some nice work. Keep it up!