Saturday, June 14, 2008

Easter Lilies

Today I have been working on a piece of artwork that to me, is one of the most important things I have created. My father in law has commissioned the artwork, which in itself is special. But the timing and meaning of the commission is so deeply meaningful.

You see, he is losing his battle against lymphoma, a disease that quickly and unexpectedly has kicked my wonderful new family in the gut. He has decided to stop treatment, and is currently under hospice care. It is both a wonderful and a terrible thing. It is great that our little family has had the time to say goodbye, to share those emotions that so many times we don't. It is also a terrible thing to sit and wait in an in-between state of grief. Its like watching a glass wobbling at the edge of a table, holding your breath in anticipation of the shattered pieces that will follow.

The artwork I have been working on is a commision from a dying man to his family. It is for his almost finished new family room, that he and his wife finally decided to build in their basement. It is a piece of artwork that is supposed to be filled with symbols of family and faith and the spiritual journey of life and death. Its also supposed to match their new room. This is quite a difficult thing for me and I hope I have accomplished all the things he asked for, in time for him to see it.

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