Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving Forward

My father in law passed away on June 17th. He died peacefully in his hospital bed, with a smile on his face. I can only guess that he was happy with what he saw on the other side, that warm embrace from Jesus that he was waiting for. I was able to show him the painting on the 15th. He was awake enough see it and had the energy to tell me that it was "Just what I was thinking of". I wrote out the meaning of the piece on the back so he could know, and we could remember just what everything meant. (There was alot of symbolism in that vase of flowers). My mother in law had the painting printed onto notecards that we can use for our thank yous for memorial gifts.

I worked for two days last week, but spent most of the time at the Cape with my in-laws. It was a hectic week filled with lots of road trips, fudge, taffy and ice cream (not to mention the brownies and cookies we brought with us!) and some moments of sadness. I am trying to relax and diet this week in hope of recovering from my vacation! I was inspired by alot of the nature that I saw and have plans for several new collages. I hope to have a new series completed soon.

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