Saturday, August 16, 2008

Felt Flowers

Ok, so I decided to try felting after seeing some wet felted 3d lilies on a variety of different sites. And now I know why felting is so popular. Its fun! I bought brown and yellow felt roving, thinking I'd make a sunflowerish felt flower. However, I was so excited to try this that my first attempt was made without alot of research. I think i was a bit too hasty in trying to get the fibers to stick and didn't think about how much the pice would shrink. So I wound up wasting alot of my yellow roving on some lumpy felt and a teeny tiny mishapen flower.

Today I did a second attempt using the brown wool and a few fibers of yellow. I read some more on the bubblewrap technique, went slowly, printed out a much bigger template for my flower, and wound up with what I think is a fantastic finished product for my second attempt. I am imagining this same flower in some more flowery colors - shades of purple, pinks, etc. with a little felt leaf accent. Wouldn't these make some gorgeous brooches for the fall/winter??? I think I'm going to buy some more felting materials and make a pile of these for stART.

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