Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Camera!

We finally broke down and bough our new camera last night. This was a christmas gift from my mom & dad. They gave me $$ last year for a camera. It took us almost a year to finally decide what to get. But I'm really happy with our choice. Thanks Mom & Dad!

I orginally wanted the Canon A720IS, which is the camera my mother inlaw has. We had a hard time finding it, so we went with its little sister, the A590IS. It is 4 optical zoom instead of 6, but it cost alot less. And we got it on a GREAT sale at Circuit City. We considered the Elph (its sleek compact cousin) but I decided that i didn't want to pay the $70 more to have a smaller camera body. Plus we read some awesome reviews on the A590. I can't wait to start posting pictures. This camera is loaded with options though, so I want to read through the manual to get a good understanding of all its features.

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