Wednesday, September 24, 2008

stART on the Street

Well it finally happened. I was in the biggest art festival I've ever seen. It was fantastic. I didn't sell a whole lot... i think my booth setup had a little bit to do with it, as well as the economy. But I had alot of fun people watching. I made a few good connections with local art groups and got a ton of compliments on my collages. I didn't make too much over my booth costs, but the experience was well worth it. What a fun event. I can't wait to partake in the event next year.

My hubby and my mom helped me out at the event. We only had a couple minor glitches. The first being that we forgot our cement blocks. John remembered ALMOST in time, and turned around to get them (luckily he only had to drive back about 10 mins). We had to wait for him to get back so we could add the blocks to my super loaded subaru and proceed past the barriers onto Park Ave while John walked in (only 1 car was allowed in per booth). Setup was amazing. A crew of volunteers literally swarmed my car and unloaded it in about 60 seconds. Then when I went to park the car, they helped John pop open the tent. It was in place when I got back and John was busy setting up the easels and tables.

We hung up most of the paintings on the two easels I brought. I also forgot my wooden dowel tree (for necklaces) so we had to just drape them on the table. I had sprayed the display boards my dad made me with a textured brown spraypaint and threw a large piece of burlap over boxes to add hight. The display looked fantastic. My other new display was my mirror which was a huge conversation piece, people wanted to buy it. It was a collage frame I got at Target and filled with photos of my artwork and jewelry as well as bits of my torn papers.

The day was absolutely gorgeous... sunny (a bit warm even) and calm. There was an estimated 26,000 people. WOW! Some great music, an interactive art exhibit that kids seemed to love, and some interesting performance art (sword fighting, roller skating, a clown.. and a... tree?!)

Some fantastic artists participated.. over 260 of them. Some of them I've seen on Etsy or at the winter stART event (at the DCU). Some I've never seen. There was also some delicious food... we had alot of YUMMY Jamaican food from the folks at One Love -coco bread, chicken & beef patties and jerk chicken (we simply must get to their restaurant on Main St someday!), frozen banannas and popsicles.

After the day flew by, Mom and I managed to remember how to pack the car and drove off into the sunset to get some of the last of Gibby's delicious frozen dairy offerings. They were out of many flavors (including my mom's fav) but they still had one of my favorites, Kahlua Fudge Brownie and some seasonally delicous Apple Cobbler ice cream for me to take home for hubby.

PS: Check out more photos on my account!


kim* said...

h aha ha love the tree person!

alamodestuff said...

This was the first stART I've not participated in in 3 years. I was sad but just couldn't make it this year. It is such a great festival.

Glad you enjoyed it. It's a wonderful experience!

k.rowe said...

I love your post... You really covered everything! Wasn't it amazing how the volunteers swarmed the car to help us set up?! ;D

I can't believe I missed out on all that delicious food! My husband just brought me a hot dog (boo!).

I hardly got around to see any booths.. That was the only disappointing part for me. Did I see your collage work at last year's winter event at the DCU? Were you in the booth right behind me there? lol

Thanks for your nice comments, and I hope to see you at the winter event coming up!! :)


saranoh77 said...

Yes I was at the DCU. That was my first stART event. Can't wait to try it out at the new (old) location. I heard that it was much better crowd wise when it was at the station.

Sarah Brueck Stallings said...

It's so nice to read your glowing comments about the festival!
Glad you could take part and I hope to see you in December, too!
-Sarah, Co-Director of stART