Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been busy felting soap the past few days. My hands smell great, but are starting to get a little chap. I feel like I have OCD after "washing my hands" for about 3 hours too. But I have a bunch of great soaps ready for my art show in December. I hope these sell well as a "stocking stuffer" idea. I also made a half dozen felt bubble rings, I want to sell these for a few bucks for the tween/stocking stuffer crowd as well.

Speaking of shows in December, I was accepted into the Start at the Station Show! I hope this will be my breakout show in Worcester. I am working on several new collages, plus felted the soaps and rings, felted ornaments, felted rose pins, felt hair pins (can you tell that felt is my new thing?). I've worked on a new display design for this show. I think it will really really marry all of my art form together better. It has been hard to get my booth to not look "scattered" when I do so much - torn paper collage, beaded jewelry, felted accessories, ornaments, etc. etc. etc....

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