Saturday, December 6, 2008

CUREfest 2008

Curefest was yesterday at Clark University. It was a fundraiser/awareness event put on by Clark students. I didn't think that I would make alot at the show, but took a chance at it because it was only $20 for a table and the money went to AIDS Project Worcester. Well, I made more than double what I was expecting for sales! Though it was pretty slow, I had one big purchase of several jewelry pieces and sold all 6 of my felted soaps, 2 of my new sheep ornaments and a few packs of notecards too! Most of my sales came right at the end of the day. I was also very happy to see alot of excitement over my new items. Many people were drawn to the lamb ornaments. I even had some students who don't celebrate Christmas tell me they wanted one. There was also a TON of excitement over the felted soap. The students loved the labeling I did for the soap- one girl bought it because she got a kick out of the name. The show was also great because my husband got to spend the day with me! I love doing craft shows with him because it gives us such a good opportunity to just sit and talk. Afterwards we went on a date to Gisseppi's Grille in Marlborough.

Today I am off to stART at the Station. I hope there is as much excitement there as there was yesterday. My mom is driving in from CT to table sit with me. Wish us luck!

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