Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year full of Changes!

Its been a while since I blogged. I've been busy with the holidays, the weather, work and fun events like weddings!

I baked a ton of yummy cookies for Christmas, including homemade Samoas (like the girl scout cookies, now called "caramel delights"). They have now surpassed Martha's dried cherry and chocolate chunk cookies as the favorite. I have pictures of many of my cookies on my flickr account. However, the new year will have less baking going on, as John and I just joined weight watchers. We are only in week one, but we are doing very good with it. I can't wait to weigh in on Monday (I never thought I'd be happy to get on a scale!)

Christmas was super busy, but lots of fun. We visited my family on Christmas day, met my brother's new girlfriend, and saw my sister's children. It was alot of fun. There was a bit of a change this year, as we brought my mother in law with us. Christmas was full of changes at my in laws house. The most obivious was that my father in law is no longer with us. However, while there were tears, it was still a pretty happy occasion. Next year there will be an addition to the celebration, as my sister-in-law's son will be 7 months by then. What fun!

New year's eve was pretty quiet for me. I had a great morning with my hubby, but he had to leave in the afternoon to lead the youth in their first night activities at the church. The following Saturday (Jan 3rd) however, was full of fun and celebration. We went to the blessing of the wedding of Donald and Billy. Donald is the music director at my husband's church. He and his husband had a beautiful ceremony full of music and packed with liturgy (the service was 2 hours long but was so beautiful, it didn't seem like it was long). My husband was deacon for the night, as the senior pastor performed the blessing and an associate bishop, who is a member of our church, gave a wonderful sermon. Below is the gift I gave them. Its a 5x7 collage called "Two Birches":

In addition to this collage, I am also finishing two rag quilts for my neice and nephew, and starting a new quilt for my soon-to-be nephew. I've also been planning up a storm for this coming year of crafts. I hope to get all the planning done this week, as my biggest resolution for this year is to spend more time "doing". I have several collages in the works, I am planning to start a new series of mixed media work, and have tons of crafty ideas to add to my booth, such as coffee cozies, new ornament designs, tons of felted soaps (I just ordered 55 bars!), nuno felted scarves and much much more. My mom is getting in on the act too. She's making corn therapy bags, window sill angels and some other wonderful crafts for my spring and holiday shows.

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