Saturday, March 7, 2009


We're having a flower party today! Its my niece's 1st birthday and her big brother picked out flowers as the theme for her party. So I made 4 little cakelettes using the Nordicware flower cakelette pan and a delicious recipe for chocolate cherry cake. Well, the cakes turned out alright. 2 stuck to the pan or broke apart as the were coming out. I think the cherries made the cakes a little too moist/sticky. I always forget to use a dryer cake with these pans! Then I decided to put a glaze of chocolate ganach on them since I couldn't really frost them without totally covering their flower shape. My chocolate rum ganache came out, well, kind of rummy :(. Of course I didn't really taste it until it was on two cakes :( oh well. The other two I tried to make a little less rum flavored. Then after all that, I did have to frost an outline of the flowers because, well, it was hard to tell what they were otherwise. However, in the long run, I think they came out pretty cute and from the sampling of the crums, I think the cake is delicous! I would like to make this again, but maybe in a bundt pan or a regular cake pan with whipped cream frosting.

Updates on my arting: I took 1st place at the Marlborough art show! I'm so excited. I was a little bummed to miss the opening, but I had to "work" late (actually, I had to go to a dinner at my 84 year old coworker's house). I'm very excited now to enter my 2 pieces in the ArtsWorcester Biennial. I have to get cracking on them - I entered 2 new pieces! I also have to work on a piece for the CT + 5 show, which will be just around the corner!

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