Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Being married to a pastor means that this week was, to say the least... busy. But even with an exhausted husband, I love Easter! This year is especially meaningful for me, because it is such a wonderful reminder of what my father-in-law told us before he passed away last June... that those we love are not really gone, but waiting for us in heaven with Christ. And of course Easter is a great time to spend with the family that is still with us. We are going to VT to visit Mary-Ellen, Tom and Mom L. (and soon-to-be, TJ!).

Being with family also means cooking for family! This year John made beautiful braided easter breads and I made tasty easter desserts. I am also making a butter lamb (butter formed in a lamb shaped mold - not lamb meat covered in butter!)

Have a blessed Easter!

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