Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Geared up for stART

I'm *almost* ready for stART on the street. Ok, I really have a billion more things I'd like to make, but I am very proud of the new products I was able to complete this year in time for the show. My booth this year will feature a pile of felted soaps (I was able to finish 30 of them!), and 10 new nuno scarves (though I'm still working on these!). I hope to have my coffee sleeves and vendor/craft aprons done as well. Thought I don't have time to make the card cases and ipod covers like I had hoped. Maybe I'll get some of those done for the December shows.

Soon I'll have to put down my fabrics and wool and start working on my setup. I want to improve the layout of my booth from last year, which tended to feel a little closed in. I think I'll move the pegboard sandwichboards to the back of the booth, even though I'll only be able to use one side. I also bought a 4 ft table to setup along with my 6 ft table. So I should have a pretty good layout. Next week I'll set up my tables in my living room and lay out the products I want to bring to figure out any new display items I might need. I'll need to figure something out for my nuno scarves and coffee sleeves. But I have some ideas up my sleeve.

Anyway the count down has really begun, only 19 more days until Start on the Street!! Hope to see you there! For more info: stART on the Street.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! 19 more days! I haven't started anything for StArt yet. It's such a fun event. See you there.

k.rowe said...

Hey there! I can't believe how prepared you are lol I'm not ready at all! Gotta get going on that... Yikes! ;)

k.rowe said...

Hey all! How did the show go for you? I wasn't able to leave my booth to look around... So disappointing, but I guess that means I was busy :) It was SUCH a beautiful day!! I hope you all had a great time :)