Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A great StART

StART on the Street was great this year. My mom traveled from CT early on Sunday to help with the show and got here just in time for the checkin at 8:30. I'm so greatful that she is willing to make the trip here to do craft shows with me. Its so great to have the company and the help!

My spot ended up being about 3 or 4 spaces up from where we were last year. We had two volunteers unpacking gear from my car and two more showed up just as we were looking perplexed about how to setup the tent (I hadn't used it since last year!). But together we figurd it out and got it set up quickly. StART has the best volunteers!!! Once the tent was up, Mom and I went to work setting up tables and my new gridwalls, hanging scarves and artwork, placing out notecards and therapy bags. The street was already loaded with people shopping by the time I finished my setup at 11 AM, the official start of the show.

My nuno scarves were the hit of the day. I sold my 1st one early in the day and the customer wore it while she went through the rest of the festival. It was a warm day for a wool scarf. By the end, I sold 5 of the 6 scarves. I probably would have sold more if I had them. I am already planning to make many more of these for my December shows.

Other hits were felted soaps, daisy pins, notecards and wrap bracelets. I also had serious inquiries about 2 pieces of artwork and inquiries about commissioning artwork and wholesale orders. Wow! What a great show!

One of the great things about having my mother help me at shows is that I get an opportunity to walk around a bit. This year's stART was definitely bigger than last year's , and I think it was even better. The Elm Park end was a flurry of activity, with a music stage, non-profits and crafters, activities and more. There were more activities outside CC Lowell and all along the festival route there were street performers sharing their talents.

I managed to snag a few goodies at the show, including two pairs of baby shoes for my nephew from Kaya's Kloset, a pretty scroll saw basket (a gift from Mom!) and a fun Christmas gift for John (shhh its a surprise!). There were ALOT of vendors that I loved, and I wished I had more time & money to shop at their booths. Hopefully, if I get into StART at the Station this year, I'll be able to do some more Christmas shopping!

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