Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was fun this year. John and I did our usual tradition of staying home and watching scary movies. Its really the only time we watch anything from the "horror" genre. Last night we saw Bug with Ashley Judd and 30 Days of Night with Josh Hartnett.

Usually I am not a fan of Ashley Judd, but I thought she pulled out a good performance in Bug. I found it very scary because it was not the typical supernatural kind of story. It was a very disturbing look at how two people can feed into each others pyschosis and the terrible things that result from it.

30 Days of Night however was a vampire movie. And I thought a very good one too, until the end. The movie took place in northenr Alaska during the dark period when there is no sunlight for a month, which means the vampires would be able to roam freely and hunt the villagers for 30 days. A small group of survivors hide from the vamps in hopes of waiting it out until the sunrise. It was pretty good, until the very end. The final solution to the vampire attack was cheesy and the death of the head vampire was especially bad. It was unfortunate that it took such a bad turn at the end, because it was a pretty good scary movie at the beginning. But overall it was a good Halloween movie night.

We also had a great dinner last night. I decided to get festive and made a red pepper soup with seafood and veggies and served it in these delicious little pumpkin shaped squash. I made some breadsticks to go with it and decided to make them fingers by adding green pepper finger nails. My husband said that I made "monkey brains" and "monster fingers" for dinner. A spooktacular meal overall.

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Estela said...

that's hilarious! it looks so good!